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Paster believes that all successful projects requirecomprehensive planning, scheduling and budgeting. Collaborating as early aspossible in the project is essential in preparing for construction, and GaryPaster and his team prefer to take a hands-on approach to ensure that plans,permits, budgets, and even relationships with neighbors are solidly in placeand accurate to create the perfect project environment.





During the construction phase of all projects, Paster's mainfocuses are safety, quality, privacy, and cost control. Gary Paster spends muchtime on every project, overseeing the project manager, meeting with clients anddesigners, and paying special attention to the details of each unique project. The Paster team excels at finding solutions for unexpected situations, andalways maintains positive relationships with surrounding homeowners throughouteach project.





After construction has been completed Paster continues tokeep in close contact with clients, helping to keep track of recommendedservices and maintenance, and providing warranty and owners manuals for eachsystem in the home. The Paster team also creates a comprehensive owner's manualand emergency manual for the homeowner and their staff for each completed project.Another post-construction service offered by Paster is the Client Servicesdivision headed by Craig Ott, that caters specifically to past clients' needs and new projects.

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